oneiroid hallucination

oneiroid hallucination
   The term oneiroid hallucination is indebted to the Greek noun oneiros, which means dream. It also refers to the * Oneiroi, the gods of dreams featuring in Greek mythology. The term oneiroid hallucination translates loosely as 'dream-like hallucination'. It was introduced by the French classical scholar and dream researcher Louis-FerdinandAlfred Maury (1817-1892), who suggested that the false perceptions of * dreams, * delirium, and *hallucinations proper have a common origin. Due to a nervous breakdown, Maury had firsthand experience of hallucinations. He postulated a mechanism called * oneirism to denote an uninterrupted process of * dream activity which may be drowned out by * sensory perceptions, but which under certain peculiar circumstances may gain the upper hand during one's waking hours. It was also Maury who in 1848 introduced the term *hypnagogic hallucination to denote the introductory nature of these phenomena as they lead the individual into sleep.
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