slow-motion hallucination

slow-motion hallucination
   A term introduced in or shortly before 1951 by the American neurologist Caro W. Lippman (1886-1954) to denote a *kinaesthetic hallucination characterized by a subjective sensation of a 'slowing down' of one's body. As noted by one of Lippman's patients, "All my motions seem very slow. I try to move faster, and seem to move even more slowly. At the same time, everything around me seems to move very fast." Lippman classifies slow-motion hallucinations as variants of the * space-motion hallucination. Because of their association with migraine, they may also be classified as * aural phenomena. The accompanying sensation of things speeding up is called a * quick-motion phenomenon.
   Lippman, C.W. (1951). Hallucinations in migraine. American Journal of Psychiatry, 107, 856-858.

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