stable hallucination

stable hallucination
   A term coined in or shortly before 1866 by the German psychiatrist Karl Ludwig Kahlbaum (1828-1899). Kahlbaum uses the term to denote a hallucination which displays a minimum of variation over time. He conceptualizes this type of hallucination as a variant of the * centripetal type of hallucinations (i.e. *phantoms in Kahlbaum's jargon). Today the term stable hallucination is used chiefly to denote a * stereotyped hallucination which arises in the context of a migrainous or epileptic *aura or in the context of * hallucinatory epilepsy. In the latter case, hallucinations typically take the form of a * complex or * compound hallucination lasting some 10-30 s, recurring at indefinite intervals, with each episode constituting a replica of the previous one.
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